Discover more about this gem in the Mediterranean!

Discover more about this gem in the Mediterranean:

I won't write much about the old town of Rab, as there is already a lot of information available on the internet. My advice: Of course, you should experience the old town in the evening, but if you are an early riser, I recommend visiting the city in the morning between 7 and 10 am when there are no tourist crowds yet and the cool morning breeze refreshes the streets and cafes of Rab.

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There is a mini-market located near our house, which can be reached by walking for approximately 10-15 minutes towards the right side of the sea, in the direction of two larger boat docks. Additionally, there are some great coffeehouses in the vicinity where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast.

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Restaurants nearby:
The closest is "Beach Bar Mel", about 5 minutes from our complex, right on the sandy beach. It is a daytime restaurant that transforms into a bar at night, with the kitchen still operating and being very attentive. Otherwise, within walking distance, I can recommend the "Skiper" restaurant located on the way to the mini-market opposite the mini-football field.

In the town of Rab, I prefer "Sampier", a seafood restaurant on the harbor promenade. Obala Kralja Petra Kresimira IV, City of Rab 51280.
In bad weather, try "Konoba Rab" or "kod Kineza"


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The restaurant "Gozinka" in the bay of the same name is also a secret tip, located in an enchanted bay. It is halfway between the town of Rab and Kampor; turn off after "Suha Punta" and follow the restaurant signs. Don't be alarmed; the road leads through a forest, and the asphalt road gets narrower and narrower, but if you follow the signs, you will find Gozinka restaurant easily.

There are countless restaurants and bars in the town, but for a cool drink with occasional live music in the evening, I prefer "Banova Vila" on the city beach, accessible through the narrow streets or through the labyrinth in the old city park "Komrcar." Be sure to check out the park.

There is ample information available on the internet about the city's attractions, but I recommend simply wandering through the winding streets and taking a stroll on the other side of the city as well. On the way to Kampor, you should visit the ancient monastery of "Svete Eufemija" and also "Slovensko groblje," an architecturally beautiful memorial to those who were murdered in the fascist concentration camp during World War II.

If you rent bicycles, you can easily and quickly reach western beaches and bays on the Kalifront peninsula of Rab, such as "Cifnata," "Sveta Mare," or "Kristofor." With a car, you can go to Lopar, but I would not stay at the popular tourist beach "San Marino." Instead, drive through the village, park the car in the forest on the hill, and then walk for about 10-15 minutes through the forest to the bay "Ciganka" in the northeast of the island. Or, all the way in the south, near the ferry, there is "Pudarica." Carefully park the car in the few parking spots next to the road and then simply take one of the paths to the sea for about 5 minutes. All the beaches I suggested are rather wild and without bars, showers, etc., so be sure to bring enough water. By the way, I choose my beaches according to the wind so that I am protected from the wind. If you prefer more comfortable beaches, I can also recommend some.

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